The world of marketing continuously evolves with more agencies and businesses attempting to discover new ways in which they can attract new leads and market their brand. At the same time, the competition is also becoming fiercer than ever before as businesses are able to develop new strategies to better engage their users.

Among these new strategies for promoting your brand is video marketing. Using videos has been one of the most profitable solutions that helped businesses in differentiating themselves from their competition. This is because videos has the unique ability of effectively illustrating  one’s story, mission or personality much better and faster than using words alone.


You ask yourself, why use videos? Well, why not? You see how artists and musicians utilize videos for their music, right? You see how it has created a far stronger and instant impact for the users or customers. If you remember how songs were able to garner billions of views on YouTube just with the help of uniquely crafted music video, that’s how it can help promote your brand as well.

How does that happen? According to most people, seeing an image comes before interpreting words. The perfect example is a child who can recognize things even before they can speak. With that, you’ll see that video offers far better communication compared to using only image and text. At the same time, it helps in building emotional connection with your users.

When you compare text and videos, there is a significant difference in the manner they engage audiences and the amount of information absorbed in a period of time. Videos can display a vast amount of information in mere seconds, which outweighs the amount of information your audience can get by reading.

For instance, within 5 seconds a person is only just appraising the meaning of the words in text while they already display emotional response to videos. This shows how better videos are in eliciting a response from the audience especially emotions which is what’s essential to get your visitors to become loyal customers.


You’ve established that videos are a better method of promoting your brand, but how to use the videos depends largely on the type of business, services or products you have to offer. On that note, some great ideas to put in your videos include:

  • Showing off your product if you sell physical merchandise. This helps in giving your audience a sense of what your product is and what it’s made of.
  • How-to videos to give them some useful information about your product and service or anything related to your business. Teaching something new is always an effective way of engaging your audience.
  • Testimonial videos to give live testimonials of what your former customers can say about your product or services to create more interest in your business.

Now, these are only a few of the many things you can include in your videos. There are very well many things that you can interest your customers, but it should relate to your business. Furthermore, uploading videos regularly is important if you want to maintain their interest. If you’re not sure how to go about it, you can talk to a professional at by getting in touch with us on our Contact page.