It may be a new year now but not that much has changed in regards to social video marketing in 2018. Those of you that have spoken with us know that we can usually just talk until your eyes glaze over about the benefits of regular and recurring videos published on social media platforms.

Ever-Expanding Social Media Platforms

Every single day it seems like there are more and more social media platforms to engage in, many of which include tools for social video marketing. We get it. It is hard to keep up, but the good news is that for the vast majority of businesses that are engaged in B2B industries there is really only a handful that you need to worry about. For B2B businesses, YouTube videos that are embedded onto your website, Facebook, and LinkedIn are really the main outlets that you should be hitting. Twitter is icing on the cake, but chances are most people that you are targeting aren’t even on the platform.

We know that this is a little surprising and some people say that each channel needs its own unique content. For the most part, we agree to an extent, but not when your company first begins a social video marketing push. Everybody is trying to embrace social, which is great, but it is far from pleasant if you become overwhelmed by it.

Regular and Routine Content is Key

It is easy to fall into the trap of thought that if you just make one or two videos that are longer that say everything you need to say about your business then you should be done. This trap will remain a thought for businesses in 2018 and beyond. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The facts are that people respond to shorter content that they see on a regular basis. We begin working with companies making a video once a month, but honestly, once a week is best.

Think about it – if you see something from a company a single time and it is 5 minutes long there are a couple of things will happen. One, you won’t actually watch all of it. And two, you will probably come across it once and you will move on to other things that catch your attention. You will engage with shorter and more easily-digestible content that you keep seeing on a routine basis. There is a sense of normalcy and comfort to it.

Any Professional Content is Good Content

In 2018, like it was in previous years, as long as you are putting quality materials out there then you are going to see results. You want things for your target audience to see and learn about you while showing them how you can help their needs. We really can’t stress “quality” enough.

If you are attempting to make your own video content and aren’t one of the few that has a natural talent for it then you are probably doing your business more harm than good. Your brand very well may be coming off as unprofessional and people will assume that your business may not be able to handle their needs.

Final Thought

At the end of the day, social video marketing is an extremely powerful tool that appeals to all of our needs to learn things in a visual manner. It is one of the most visual mediums that a company can utilize and you shouldn’t short-change yourselves. If you cut corners in a visual medium such as video it is very apparent and it will make the quality of your company and product suffer in the eyes of your potential customers.